Hello and welcome to the ei8htycats shop, where every print is crafted in the traditional or early 20th century method, with love. 

Print runs are limited in edition, but drawing never stops and new prints are continuously being added to the collection, so keep those cat eyes peeled. For more cats you can always jump over to instagram: @ei8htycats.

The cat lady behind the ei8htycats is Zoe Lynam. Zoe studied design at Chelsea Art School and has a degree from Central Saint Martins School of Art in London. When the ei8htycats permit, Zoe works as a Service Designer & Behavioural Strategist, has tutored life drawing in Covent Garden and enjoys running.

 ei8htycats at Duck Pond Market in Richmond Upon Thames

 ei8htycats at Duck Pond Market in Richmond Upon Thames

*No current or upcoming Markets and Exhibition dates.* 

Art sessions and workshops are being planned in the Roehampton and Putney area, SW London. For more information drop us a line.

For more cats you can always jump over to instagram: @ei8htycats 

 ei8htycats, Linocut masters

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 ei8htycats, Linocut print 

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